Delfin Lee's Prayer…through the RTC and the Court of Appeals his prayers were answered favorably…

Delfin Lee's Prayer is for the release of the TCT's of all fully paid buyer/borrowers of PAGIBIG. To protect their interest we have filed a case for breach of contract against HDMF to compel it to release the titles to our buyers. Globe Asiatique won before the RTC and Court of Appeals against HDMF through a Summary Judgement Dated January 30, 2012 court decision:

To futher help Globe Asiatique clients we have now created an ONLINE TCT MANAGER named DELFIN LEE CARES, for you to check the status of your title (TCT), you will be required to register using your email or facebook account to be given access to the said database.

The exact declaration of the court is as follows "Defendants (PAGIBIG) are ordered to release the corresponding Transfer Certificate of Titles [s] (TCT’s) of those accounts which are fully paid or subjected to automatic off-setting starting from the list in Annex “E” of the Motion for Summary Judgment and thereafter from those listed in Annex “F” thereof and cause the corresponding cancellation of the annotations in the titles thereof."

Below is an excerpt of the Decision:



And DELFIN LEE and his capacity as President

Of the corporation



OR PAG-IBIG FUND, its board trustees and

EMMA LINDA FARIA, officer-in-charge,


Motion for Execution

(Against Defendant Home Development Mutual Fund)

Civil Case no. 10-1120


4. Defendants PAGIBIG are ordered to automatically off-set the balance of those listed in Annex “B” of the Motion for Summary Judgment against the retention money, escrow money, funding commitment fees, loan take-out which are still in the control and possession of defendant HDMF.

5. Defendants are ordered to accept the replacement-buyers listed in Annex “F” of the Motion for Summary Judgment, which list is unopposed by defendants, without interest or penalty from the time of defendant HDMF’s cancellation of the Collection Servicing Agreement (CSA) resulting to the refusal to accept the same up to the time that these replacement buyers are actually accepted by defendant HDMF.

Please download the full details here:

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