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Buong puso akong nagpapasalamat sa aking mga kababayan at sa lahat ng taong sumusuporta sa katotohanan.

Dahil po sa inyong pag like, pag share at pakikiisa ay nabuksan ang mata,isip at higit sa lahat ang puso ng sambayanang Pilipino na hindi totoo at gawa gawa lang ang 6.6 billion scam.

Kabahagi ng inyong suporta ang isang liham na aking natanggap dito sa Pampanga provincial jail.

Sana po ay mabasa ninyo ito.


Dear Mr. Delfin Lee,

I used to enjoy your Saturday TV shows, and let me tell you I got a tip or two from those shows of yours.
Then, I saw the way your subdivision was laid-out in Pampanga, and I told myself this developer has taste and heart too. None of that commercialism that engulfs every subdivision in town, but one that had vision for the people’s enjoyment specially for the class of people that were going to dwell there.
Then came your persecution that is now known all over the nation. At first I was so disappointed that you had turned to a “criminal” of sorts, but deep in me I still believed you have a good heart.

Not that the truth has come out and the conspiracy against you is known, I found with great joy that I was not wrong in my feelings about your goodness.

I enclose a letter that I made and sent to my circle of friends. I am a writer and true to my calling, I have put down into print what I believe in. I also sent my article to Senator Antonio Trillianes.
Someday, I hope to be able to visit your subdivision, and see for myself that something beautiful need not only be for the rich but can also be attained for those who work so hard to live in a nice environment. All these can only be achieved if the man in the helm has a true heart for others.

Thank you for your gift of loving kindness.
Please believe me when I assure you that those months in jail, will not be in vain. You might not understand it now, but later, when your heart has found forgiveness, you will know those jail days were God gifts. It is too complex to understand at this point, but it will come.
Many thanks for all you have done for others. I am sure it is only the start of the many more things you will accomplish in your life.
As the Spaniards say: OLE! For your freedom to come!


By Marcia Evangelista-Sandoval
Old Girl Writes – April 20, 2015

Two old men, probably in their late 70’s, were facing the Senate investigation committee regarding their leaving their old site in Tipa de Gallina, in barangay San Isidro, Makati City, to transfer to Calauan, Laguna. About 800 squatter families had been living in San Isidro for decades.

The Mayor of Makati offered to transfer them, to what sounded like their “dream-come-true” vision. The new location would enable them to live in a house and lot, facilities for light and water. All gratis! A title to such a property would be given them as soon as they moved to Calauan.

Excited with the thought of living in a healthy, provincial environment plus owning a house and lot, they quickly threw their meager belongings to waiting trucks that were going to transport them to Laguna. The year was 2002, sometime in March, the two men recalled.

Upon reaching Calauan what was awaiting the 800 families were raw lands, deep with weeds, with nothing but darkness surrounding them. Not a drop of water in sight! As if to make matters worst, they were drenched to their skins from endless days of rain. That was their welcome to their supposedly new homes turned to a bad dream. Not a shed to shelter them. As a parting gift, the Mayor’s office, (the irony of it all) gave each family two kilos or rotten rice and two cans of sardines, the cans all dented. That was the beginning of their still on- going endless anguish!

The narrations told all, both under oath about their ghastly existence. Both old men recollected tales and more dreadful tales that made the television listeners sick to their stomachs with the listeners’ blind hope that they were hearing not too true stories. To this day, the hellish lifestyle that the 800 families still continue.
From the time these families arrived in Calauan, the death due to starvation has been severe. There was the death of a family of three, the rest mostly children. There is no means of livelihood. The “lucrative” trade has been prostitution, P100 for a night. Barter on this trade is even possible, for two kilos of rice!
You know the names of the family that this essay is talking about. I purposely find that I cannot even print their names. It would make me vomit!

With all their accusations: the overpricing of city hall building; the over pricing of the Makati science building; the farm lands in Batangas, the hotel suites, the Boy Scout fiasco; the persecution of Delfin Lee. All these transaction of corruption dwell on money, ONLY MONEY! But the DESTRUCTION OF LIVES is an Extremely Severe Matter. Truly, all of these heartless happenings are a true story of a family DRUNK WITH GREED!


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